Graduate Outcomes Survey

The annual graduate outcomes survey is in place for the survey of graduates of 2018 and will take place in Q2 2019.  The survey is collected in respect of graduates of higher education institutions (HEIs) approximately nine months after their completion of study. The data submitted in the record is obtained through a survey instrument, centrally defined by the HEA and locally managed by HEIs.

Since 2015, the HEA and higher education institutions have worked together on the development of a new graduate outcomes survey for higher education.  The new survey includes the participation of all higher education institutions, and situates the survey data within a relational database that allows for greater data accuracy and linking of survey data across its systems.  The first full implementation of the new graduate outcomes survey took place in 2018 (survey of 2017 graduates), and the HEA and higher education institutions will continue to work together to improve and refine the survey instrument for the coming years.

The new survey and database provide the following:

  • Data on graduate qualifications and employment both within Ireland and overseas
  • Relevance of employment to area of study
  • Data on graduate further study
  • Data on graduate unemployment and unavailability for work
  • Consistent data across institutions
  • Graduate perceptions of the quality and relevance of their higher education experience


This information is of use to higher education institutions, government departments and state agencies, researchers, career guidance counsellors and teachers.


This page provides guidance to HEIs on how the survey should be carried out.  A report, detailing the findings of the 2018 survey of graduates of 2017, is available on our publications page.