Student Finance

Student Finance

Student Finance is a convenient and user-friendly source of information on financial support for further and higher education. We hope you find it useful.

You will see as you browse through this site that there are several financial assistance schemes available in Ireland to help you to progress through further and higher education.


For all information on student grants for 2018/19 please go to

The Student Grant is the main source of financial assistance and anyone who is thinking of embarking on further study should investigate whether they are eligible, and, if so, submit an application. The eligibilty reckoner on can be used to check eligibility for the student grant.

We provide information on course fees and details on eligibility requirements for free fees. In addition, you will find out all you need to know about other sources of assistance for students, such as the Fund for Students with Disabilities, the Back to Education Allowance and the Student Assistance Fund. Lastly, we provide details and links to a range of other organisations and websites that may be of interest and/or assistance.

We wish you every success in your studies!