This page sets out how the higher education institutions are accountable to the HEA for their performance, within the context of institutional autonomy. The system performance framework sets out the goals and priorities of government, and the HEA manages institutional performance through strategic dialogue and performance funding.

System Performance Framework

The system performance framework sets out the priorities of government under a number of headings which include economic renewal; social and cultural development and equity; public sector reform; and the restoration of Ireland’s national reputation.

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Strategy/Performance Dialogue

The HEA engages in a process of strategy and performance dialogue with the higher education institutions in order to improve system and institutional performance, enhance system accountability, and enable the HEA to manage system risks.

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Performance News

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Performance Funding

To further the development of the strategic dialogue process initiated in 2013, the HEA undertook to consult the sector in relation to the introduction of performance funding for subsequent rounds. The broad intention is that the process will allow for the allocation of performance funding based on the institution’s performance against its compact.

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