The Statistics Unit is responsible for collecting, collating and analysing student data returned to the HEA from all HEA funded institutions. This data forms the Student Record System database in the HEA (the SRS).

We provide analyses of higher education student enrolments, new entrants and graduates each year. Summary tables of these analyses are available on this website. We conduct analysis of student progression from first to second year annually. In addition to analysis of the SRS data, we gather graduate outcomes data via the first destinations survey, where we analyse the first destination of graduates each year nine months after graduation. We also gather data on students’ socio-economic background via the equal access survey each year. The Unit contributes to the annual National Report on the Irish Survey of Student Engagement (ISSE). By providing these analyses of higher education student data, we provide the Higher Education Authority, the Department of Education and Skills and the Minister for Education with the necessary evidence to formulate effective higher education policy.


Dr Vivienne PattersonHead of Skills, Engagement and Statistics
Mr Victor PigottSenior Statistics Manager
Dr Dawn CarrollData and Policy Analyst
Dr Denise FrawleyData and Policy Analyst
Mr David SheilsData Analyst
Mr Brian Stanley Data Analyst
Mr John HoranDatabase Developer