Image of the GMIT Mayo Campus

Statement on GMIT Mayo Campus

By Malcolm Byrne

Posted: 15 December, 2017

The HEA welcomes the announcement from the Minister today on the additional recurrent and capital investment to be provided to GMIT to facilitate the delivery of the sustainability plan for its Mayo campus. The HEA played a key role in producing this plan, chairing the Working Group, and we would like to thank all the other members of this Group who worked tirelessly to set out and agree a future path. We were struck by the commitment of campus staff, students and the wide range of stakeholders in the county and the region we met and the constructive way in which they contributed to finding a sustainable way forward. Harnessing this continuing commitment will now be central to the plan’s ultimate success. We would also like to thank GMIT, and in particular its Governing Body, who were highly supportive throughout the process and who have made considerable commitments to support the campus’ future development. The Mayo campus is a critical piece of regional higher education infrastructure and we look forward to see it continue to serve its pivotal role in driving regional skills and growth.

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