Key Facts and Figures for 2015-16

New Entrants

Total 43,460

94% of New Entrants
are Irish

  • 55% of new entrants are in the University Sector.
  • 45% are in the Institute of Technology Sector.


Total 222,618

  • 80% of students enrolled in full-time programmes.
  • Full-time undergraduates increased by 11% in the last five years.


Total 64,283

One in four graduates came from Natural Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics, Information & Communication Technologies and Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction.

  • 45,206 undergraduates and 19,077 postgraduates.
  • 17% of Honours Bachelor Degree graduates got a first class qualification.


Full-time students

  • There are 1,730 part-time research students, an increase of 16% over the last five years.
  • Almost 9 in 10 research students are studying in universities.



7.8% of new entrants indicated that they have a disability

  • 10% of full-time undergraduate new entrants were mature.
  • 85% of part-time undergraduate new entrants were mature.


2.3bn Annual income of the higher education sector

  • €1.6bn spent every year on pay costs.
  • Over 14,000 (or 6% of) students pay a non-EU fee every year.