Summer camps for teenagers are being funded in entrepreneurship, creativity, design skills and innovation to allow participants develop creative confidence, entrepreneurial thinking and leadership skills.

Entrepreneurship Summer Camps

In March 2017, the HEA issued a Call for higher education institutions to develop summer camps for second level students in entrepreneurship, creativity, design skills and innovation.
The Call follows on from the Action Plan for Education 2017, in which Minister Bruton states;

‘Creating a stronger focus on these three areas is vital in order to sustain our economic recovery, and to adapt our national skills base to meet the challenges of growth in the modern world. Our education and training systems needs to recognise this and nurture these talents.’

An allocation of €250,000 was ring-fenced for the development of the camps in 2017 and it is anticipated that the entrepreneurship camps will build on the success of the ICT summer camps hosted in HEIs. This investment is providing nearly 1,000 places on new summer camps in 20 higher education institutions across the country. The full list of available camps can be accessed here (give link to list). The summer camps, which help students get hands-on experience of developing innovative ideas to solve problems and creating new products and services, will build on the expertise in each institution.

List of Entrepreneurship Camps 2017