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First Destinations Reports


What do Graduates do?  The Class of 2012

View the most recent First Destinations Survey 2012 by clicking on the link above


What do Graduates do? The class of 2008

View the First Destinations Survey 2008 by clicking on the link above



View the First Destinations Survey 2005 by clicking on the link above.


The First Destination Report is based on an annual survey of graduates six to nine months after graduation. This survey presents a snap shot picture of the labour market or further study situation of students who graduated in the previous academic year, having completed a full-time course of study.

This report exams the employment, further study, and training patterns of graduates on the 30th of April each year. Information is broken down by level of award received and area of study, information relating to the pattern of first destinations, composition of the graduate labour market, employment sector and occupational classification, region in which employment was found in Ireland and overseas and salary is also presented.

Earlier reports can be downloaded in PDF format below

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