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2010 / 2011

Full-Time & Part-Time Enrolments for HEA Funded Institutions 10/11

Combined Sectors FT & PT   University Sector FT & PT   Institute of Technology Sector FT & PT

Graduates HEA Funded Institutions 2010

Combined Sector Awards    University Sector Awards    Institute of Technology Sector Awards

Summary Enrolment Reports 2010/11

Uni Sector:   Full-Time      Part-Time      Distance      E-Learning      In-Service
IoT Sector:   Full-Time      Part-Time      Distance      E-Learning      In-Service

Click on the links below to access the following:

Enrolment Reports by Institution 10/11

Graduate Reports by Institution 10/11

New Entrant Reports by Institution 10/11

Student Details 10/11

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