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Springboard 2014 and ICT Skills Conversion 2014 Course Proposal System Now Live

Information for Springboard and ICT Skills Conversion 2014


The online course proposal system for Springboard 2014 and ICT Skills Conversion 2014 is now live.

You can access the system on the following URL: http://skillsdirect.hea.ie.


User logins/passwords from the online proposals systems in 2013 do not carry through into SkillsDirect, all users will be required to register specifically for the 2014 system.


The first user to register from each provider is automatically granted administrator status. This administrator can set up colleagues as administrators or users.


The proposals submitted under Springboard 2013 are still accessible through the 2013 system (http://springboarddirect.hea.ie). You will need your 2013 username and password to gain access.

If you are experiencing any problems with SkillsDirect, please do not hesitate to contact us on springboard@hea.ie

Kind regards

Springboard/ICT Skills team, HEA

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