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HEA Forward-Look Forum

HEA Forward-Look Forum

The HEA Forward-Look Forum was launched in 2014. It is a new series of fora, held biannually in the spring and autumn of each year, for the leadership of Irish higher education, policy-makers and other key stakeholders. Cognisant of the rapidly changing international context within which higher education institutions operate, the series aims to support forward-looking and disruptive thinking about the future of the sector through open dialogue that is unfettered by existing policy and the assumptions and values on which this is based. Focusing on cross-cutting themes that are complementary to the on-going reform of the Irish sector, the fora are participatory, supporting the development of action-oriented responses to addressing future challenges.

The inaugural HEA Forward-Look Forum, 'Re-casting the Sustainability Debate: Positioning Irish Higher Education as a Driver of Sustainable Social, Cultural and Economic Development', was held in George's Hall, Dublin Castle on 30th May 2014. Attended by approximately 60 delegates, it brought together senior representatives of the State University of New York (SUNY) and the leadership of Irish higher education, along with policy-makers, industry-representatives, and student-representatives, to share knowledge and experience of positioning higher education as a driver of the economy, as well as of measuring and communicating the value of higher education to wider society. The keynote address was given by Professor Nancy Zimpher, Chancellor of the State University of New York.

The second HEA Forward-Look Forum, 'From Regional Clusters to Knowledge Hubs: Unlocking the Potential', was held at the Davenport Hotel on 26th November 2014. Attended by approximately 60 delegates, it brought together representatives of regional clusters in Ireland, Spain and the Netherlands and from across higher education and the public sector to support collective thinking about how to maximise the contribution of clusters to social, cultural, and economic development. Keynote addresses were given by Professor John Goddard, O.B.E. (Newcastle University) and Professor Susan Christopherson (Cornell University).

The third HEA Forward-Look Forum, 'International Trends in Research: What Does Ireland Need to Succeed?', was held at the Davenport Hotel on 15th April 2015. Attended by over 70 delegates, the event focused on the role of research in higher education and on how research quality and impact can be evaluated and demonstrated. Keynote addresses were given by Professor Sir Peter Scott (University College London), Dr. Martin Curley (Maynooth University and Intel), Professor Arie Rip (University of Twente), David Sweeney (HEFCE), and Dr. Jack B. Spaapen (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences).

The fourth HEA Forward-Look Forum, 'Skills, Employability and the Post-Secondary Sector: What is the Role for Higher Education?', was held at St. Patrick's College, Drumcondra on 11th November 2015. Attended by over 70 delegates, the event examined the role of higher education in responding to the demand for graduates, in addressing skills shortages, and in meeting societal and labour-market requirements in the long-term. Keynote addresses were given by Amy Laitenen (New America) and Professor Ewart Keep (University of Oxford).

The fifth HEA Forward-Look Forum, '"Unbundling" Educational Provision and Delivery Modes - What's Ahead?", was held at Camden Court Hotel, Dublin on 19th May 2016. Attended by approximately 60 delegates, the event considered the 'unbundling' of higher education in terms of innovation in programme provision and delivery and emerging alternative models for this. Keynote addresses were given by Dr. Paul Le Blanc (Southern New Hampshire University), Professor Mark Brown (Dublin City University) and Golide Blumenstyk (The Chronicle of Higher Education).

The sixth HEA Forward-Look Forum, 'Private Providers: What Role Should They Play in the Irish Higher Education Landscape?', was held in St. Laurence's, DIT Grangegorman on 23rd November 2016. Attended by approximately 70 delegates, the Forum considered the role that is and should be played by private providers of higher education in Ireland. Keynote addresses were given by Professor Pedro Nuno Teixeira (University of Porto), John Fielden (CHEMS Consulting) and Dr. Padraig Walsh (Quality and Qualifications Ireland).

Links to the documentation and presentations from the Forward-Look Forum series are provided below.

HEA Forward-Look Forum_15.4.15_proceedings
HEA Forward-Look Forum_30.5.14_programme
HEA Forward-Look Forum_30.5.14_speakers' bios
HEA Forward-Look Forum_30.4.14_briefing paper
Nancy Zimpher_presentation_30.5.14
Muiris O'Connor_presentation-30.5.14
HEA Forward-Look Forum_26.11.14_programme
HEA Forward-Look Forum_26.11.14_speakers' bios
HEA Forward-Look Forum_26.11.14_discussion paper
John Goddard_presentation_26.11.14
Susan Christopherson_presentation_26.11.14
Rob Kitchin_presentation_26.11.14
Maria Hinfelaar_presentation_26.11.14
Philip Nolan_presentation_26.11.14
Annemieke Galema_presentation_26.11.14
Oscar Lopez Lorente_presentation-26.11.14
Linda Hogan_presentation_26.11.14
Forward-Look Forum_26.11.14_proceedings
HEA Forward-Look Forum_15.4.15_programme
HEA Forward-Look Forum_15.4.15_discussion paper
HEA Forward-Look Forum_15.4.15_speakers' bios
HEA Forward-Look Forum_15.4.15_Peter Scott_presentation
Arie Rip_presentation_15.4.15_rev.
HEA Forward-Look Forum_15.4.15_David Sweeney_presentation
HEA Forward-Look Forum_15.4.15_Jack B. Spaapen_presentation
HEA Forward-Look Forum_15.4.15_proceedings
4th HEA Forward-Look Forum - Programme
4th HEA Forward-Look Forum - discussion paper
4th HEA Forward-Look Forum - speakers' bios
4th HEA Forward-Look Forum - Ewart Keep's presentation
4th HEA Forward-Look Forum - Seamus McGuinness's presentation
4th HEA Forward-Look Forum_11.11.15_proceedings
5th HEA Forward-Look Forum_19.5.16_programme
5th HEA Forward-Look Forum_19.5.16_discussion paper
5th HEA Forward-Look Forum_Paul Le Blanc's presentation
5th HEA Forward-Look Forum - Mark Brown's handout
5th HEA Forward-Look Forum_19.5.16_Mark Brown's presentation
5th HEA Forward-Look Forum_19.5.16_Proceedings
6th HEA Forward-Look Forum_23.11.16 - programme
6th HEA Forward-Look Forum_23.11.16 - discussion paper
6th HEA Forward-Look Forum_23.11.16 - speakers' biographies
Pedro Nuno Teixeira's presentation_23.11.16
John Fielden's presentation_23.11.16
Padraig Walsh's keynote address_23.11.16
6th HEA Forward-Look Forum proceedings
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