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Review of the Provision of Creative Arts Programmes in Dublin

In a major review of creative arts and media education in the Dublin region, the Higher Education Authority (HEA) has stated that the institutions providing such courses need to specialise and avoid duplication and should consider becoming constituent colleges in a university model. The HEA has also criticised the lack of sufficient linkages between further education and higher education provision.


Among the recommendations from the review are,



  • Immediately Improve collaboration across the arts and media education sector, in particular formalise access transfer and progression agreements especially with programmes in further education.
  • Investigate enhanced scale of creative arts provision through the development of a collegiate university model where high quality smaller institutions could become constituent colleges of a university. In order to maintain the individual differences and histories of the various arts institutions, a constituent college model would give the institutions a substantial amount of responsibility and autonomy while still being structurally embedded in a larger and more cohesive overall university structure
  • Eliminate the duplication and fill the gaps in postgraduate provision to ensure a continuum of learning. This may be within one university, or at least within one strategic and shared framework.

There are a large number of institutions in the Dublin area offering creative arts. If that is to continue, institutions must carefully examine their offerings, avoid duplication and develop synergies among staff.


Conduct more robust workforce and employability analyses to determine the extent and nature of jobs that are available both in the present and with an eye to the future. Identify skills shortages that need to be addressed 


Students in the arts should receive greater education in business and marketing skills.


Collaborations with industry should be required and institutions should be asked to set up offices and assign staff to the task of building integrated approaches to learning within the creative industries


The review was carried out by an international team of experts for the HEA comprised of,



Professor Anne Bamford, Chair, Emeritus Director of the Engine Room at Wimbledon College of Art


Dr Ron Burnett, President of Emily Carr University, Vancouver


Professor Ruth Towse, Emeritus Professor of Economics of Creative Industries, Bournemouth University Business School


Dr Michael Wimmer, EDUCULT, Institute for Cultural Policy and Cultural Management, Austria


Dublin Creative Arts Review Report

Dublin Creative Arts Review Report

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