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EU Regulations, Circulars and Guidelines 2007-2013 Operational Programme

Regulations and Circulars

2007 Regs 1080 2006 ERDF Regulation

2007 Regs 1083 2006 ERDF General Regulation

2007 Regs 1828 2006 ERDF Implementation Regulation

Department of Finance circular 12 2008

National Eligibility Rules Circular 2016-08 

Regulation EC 846/2009


Procurement Guidelines

EU Procurement Regulation 2014/23/EU

EU Procurement Regulation 2014/24/EU

EU Procurement Regulation 2014/25/EU

Circular 10/14: Initiatives to assist SMEs in Public Procurement

For further information please see the ERDF Procurement Pages

Information and Publicity Guidelines

Information and publicity guidelines EU Structural Funds programmes 2007-2013

For further information and downloadable logos please see the Publicity Pages 



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