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Eurostudent Survey


The Eurostudent Survey is a European-wide survey about the social, economic and living conditions of higher education students in 27 European states.  It covers the following social dimensions of higher education:



The survey is being co-ordinated in Ireland by Insight Statistical Consulting, an independent marketing research organisation, on behalf of the Higher Education Authority and the Eurostudent consortium.  Data collection will commence on April 22nd 2013 and finish on May 31st 2013.

How to participate?

From April 22nd 2013, all full-time and part-time students in higher education will receive a link to the survey from their respective colleges.  A reminder will be issued during May before the closing date on May 31st 2013.

In addition to responding via this email, students will also be able to complete their return by visiting is.gd/eurostudent or clicking the link on their virtual learning environment or learning management system, e.g. Moodle or Blackboard.  The survey is also being promoted using various social media.

All students who complete the survey will have the opportunity to win one of 10 €100 vouchers (one4all or equivalent).  All winners will be notified by email in June 2013.    

Why participate?

We want to hear from all full-time and part-time students in higher education in Ireland.  It’s important that we receive a representative sample of respondents from all participating organisations by gender, type of course, student status (full-time and part-time), year of study and level (undergraduate and postgraduate).  

The survey will take roughly 15-20 minutes to complete. There are a series of questions with ‘tick-box’ style answers and open-ended responses.

All survey responses will remain anonymous and results will only be presented in aggregated format.  

For each round of the Eurostudent survey, two reports are produced - the Irish input into the European Report, and a separate Irish Report (please see links below, previous reports are also available on request):

Most Recent Irish Report

EurostudentSurvey 2009: Irish Report


European Reports

Social and Economic Conditions of Student Life in Europe.  www.eurostudent.eu/results/reports

Survey Background

EUROSTUDENT is a network of researchers as well as data collectors, representatives of national ministries and other stakeholders who have joined forces to examine the social and economic conditions of student life in higher education systems in Europe.

The beginning of EUROSTUDENT goes back to the 1990s. In 2012, the fifth round of EUROSTUDENT project started with an increased number of 27 participating countries (shown as Contributors in the map) from a broad geographical spectrum. The participants reach from Finland in the north all the way to Italy in the south and from Portugal in the west to Armenia in the east. This means that EUROSTUDENT data covers most of larger Europe.

The work of EUROSTUDENT is based on the conviction that cross-country comparisons facilitate learning about strengths and weaknesses or simply idiosyncrasies of national higher education systems and – thereby – help countries to see their own higher education system in a new light.


Some Findings from Eurostudent IV (2009)

The Eurostudent IV Survey showed strong evidence of a relationship between participation in higher education and socio-economic background.  Higher levels of participation were recorded from students with professional or managerial backgrounds than from semi-skilled or unskilled socio-economic backgrounds.  

Nearly four-in-ten (38%) of all full-time students live in rented accommodation with a further 38% living in their parents’ home.  

Nearly half (47%) of all students were satisfied or very satisfied with their own time budget, i.e. the balance between attending lectures, personal study time, and paid employment.

Part-time students accounted for approximately 18% of all students in higher education with a median age of 32 and a higher proportion of international students.  

The average distance of the family home on completion of secondary education and the student college is 63 kilometres.  

Approximately half (53%) of all students indicated that they had some kind of paid job during term time, usually unrelated to their particular course of study.  

The average monthly income for full-time students was €764 and 39% of these students felt that they did not have enough income to meet their monthly expenses.  

Some 9% of students reported that they have been enrolled in a regular course of study abroad and a further 12% intend to do so.  These students are most likely to work abroad after graduation.  

Some 10% of all students reported to have a disability and over a quarter of these (27%) students felt that their disability was not taken into account in any way in their studies.  

The majority (83%) of all students drink alcohol, a quarter (26%) smoke and 22% do not perform any exercise.  

What has changed in 2013?

More Information

For more information about the Eurostudent survey, please contact Insight Statistical Consulting directly on 01 661 2488 or at eurostudent@insightsc.ie.  

Live information on the Eurostudent survey is available on Facebook and Twitter.

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